Andromedan Challenges are humorous contests placed on the inside of the back cover of the current version of the Andromedan Log - a means of trying to encourage club members to contribute to upcoming issues of The Log. For each Challenge, readers are encouraged to submit up to three humorous or serious entries, via either e-mail or snailmail. All submissions will be printed in an issue of The Log. If submissions are received from at least three different readers, then a "winning entry" is selected, and the reader submitting that entry receives a free month added to their SBA membership. This page will be used to post the current Andromedan Challenge once a new issue of The Log is produced and distributed to the club membership.

 The Latest Challenge - April 2003

o The Triffids!
o Doctor Who: "The Seeds of Doom"!
o Tremors: "Flora or Fauna"!

It's Spring...and a young fan's fancies turn to gardening -- and being attacked by giant man-eating shrubbery! Your Challenge is to list your three favorite movies or TV-episodes where man's green thumb takes a ride on the wild side!
Deadline for submissions: Closed

Rules for the Challenge: Entries must be typewritten or legible if handwritten. Each club member or reader of The Andromedan Log is limited to entering The Challenge once each month, however they may submit up to three answers with each entry. Entries should be clearly identified as Andronedan Challege submissions and mailed to SBA's surface address or e-mail address. Entries must be received from at least three different individuals in order for a winner to be selected. Winning entry receives one free month added to their current club membership, or one free issue of The Andromedan Log if they are not currently an SBA member. The winning entry and any "honorable mentions" will be printed in the issue of The Log following the submission deadline.
Reminder of the last Challenge: Your Challenge is to come up with the plot of Enterprise's season-ending cliffhanger plot!
Deadline for submissions: Closed

Past Challenges and Member Submissions

#53/54 (Apr/May '96) The recent Doctor Who TV movie on FOX went by the plain title Doctor Who, without an official subtitle on screen (although some press information identified it as Doctor Who and the Enemy Within (shades of classic Trek!)). Your Challenge is to suggest a subtitle (or episode title) to identify this as different from all the other Doctor Who episodes. Your suggestions can be as humorous or as serious as you'd like (this is for fun, after all!).

#55 (Jul '96) First came Escape From New York, where the city of skyscrapers was a giant penal colony. Now Escape From L.A., where the City of Angels is deportation point for the future America's undesirables. John Carpenter and Kurt Russell have jokingly said they plan to do Escape From Earth next. Where would you set the next Escape... film, and what would Snake Plisskin's mission be? Entries can be as serious as you'd like.

#56 (Sep '96) * Aliens among us, manipulating our past, present & future. * A fugitive on the run from an evil twin brother (Garth?). * Psychic FBI agents who see mental re-creations of crimes. Those are three actual plot devices used to launch new series this fall. Your Challenge for this month is to list up to three other over-used or inexplicably bizarre plot devices which you'd rather not see done as new genre series in the next year.

#57 (Oct '96) * VIPER hits a time vortex and meets KITT! * Loengard and Sayers stumble into an Invaders episode! * Kwai Chang Caine time-travels to meet the original Caine! With the success of the DS9 episode "Trials and Tribble-ations" allowing DS9 and Classic Trek to cross over, Your Challenge this month is: What crossovers do you want (or do you not want) to see, now that the technology exists to allow them to happen?

#58 (Nov '96) I resolve * write the Great American Novel (Cigarette Smoking Man). * avoid Emperer Cartagia of Centauri (Duncan Macleod). * push that annoying Gabrielle off a cliff (Xena). Your Challenge as we approach the end of 1996 is to come up with the New Years Resolutions of your favorite genre TV and movie characters. The more humorous, the better!

I resolve to move my family away from those nuts in Seattle. (Frank Black)
I resolve to let others speak more during conversations. (Morn)
I resolve to return what was then to what will be. (Kosh)
- Terri Dreier, Lincoln NE

#59 (Mar '97) * Valentine Michael Smith's wacky adventures on Earth! * Chaos in the Cosmos, on...Berzerkers: The Series! * HAL leads Dave on a mind-bending psychedelic chase around the galaxy in 2001: The Series! As the TV networks ponder their sitcom and drama orders for next year, Your Challenge is to pick the classsic genre novels you'd rather not see adapted as weekly TV series.

#59.1 (Jul '97) * Babylon 5 moves to TNT for fifth and final season! * Sliders saved for fourth season on Sci Fi Channel! * Kolchak the Night Stalker to return as feature film! All three of these are legitimate situations. Your Challenge is to identify what other genre series you think should have recently been saved, and where you'd have put it in it's second life.

#60 (Nov '97) *The Adventures of Man-Thing: Whatever Knows Fear Burns at its Touch! * Firestorm: His Head's on Fire...and He Doesn't Care! * Groo: Wandering Onto Your Screen Soon! With the recent popular trend of turning comic-book characters and their stories into hit movies or TV shows (Men in Black, the Batman films, Nightman, etc.) Your Challenge is to pick 3 real or made-up comics you don't want to see on the big or little screen!

#61 (Feb '01) * No more "Millennium" corrections from Arthur C. Clarke! * The question of whether those tasty Millennios would still be manufactured by General Mills after 2000 is answered! * Can stop forgetting to write 1999 on checks and start forgetting to write 2000! Your Challenge is to come up with your own favorite reason that we've now passed into the year 2001.

#62 (Dec '01) * Zero-G Aerial Skiing! * Figure Skating on Methane Ice! * High Gravity Skeleton! Your Challenge is to come up with the most unusual futuristic or genre-related Olympic events - either Summer sports or Winter sports.

#63 (Apr '02) * Mulder steps out of Scully's was all a dream! * Everything after the giant fungus has been a hallucination! * Karl Kolchak wakes up in Chicago after a bender and tells Tony Vincenzo his dreams about an FBI paranormal division! Your Challenge is to come up with either serious or humorous versions of how you think The X-Files is going to sign off after nine years on the air!

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