Star Base Andromeda annual memberships are available at two levels. Supporting Memberships are $6.00, and consist of a year-long subscription to The Andromedan Log, and voting privileges in all SBA elections and/or decisions regarding disbursement of funds. Full Memberships are $10.00, and in addition to the privileges associated with Supporting status also make the member eligible for officer positions if they are able to attend a majority of business meetings. These rates have not changed in over 10 years, and we are currently looking at the possibility of either increasing the amounts for both types of membership or consolidating them into a single category. We are also considering the possibility of offering a "Family Membership" rate, for more than one family member at the same address. Whatever our final decisions, at present, the only way to join Star Base Andromeda is through snailmail or in-person at one of our meetings. You can print out a copy of our current Membership Flyer. This is in PDF format, and you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print the document. Also, don't forget our Paybacks Bonus program! If you are a current member who is helping somebody new to join the club, you can get one or more free months added to your current membership. And if you are joining SBA for the first time, as a result of one of our current members' recommendations, please pass that member's name on to us so that we can reward them! For full details on the Payback Bonus program, visit the link that page on our site.

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 Last updated on 8-03-2004

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