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Jan 12, 2004

January 2004 is a banner month for those of us who enjoy following the technical elements of space exploration -- we've recently celebrated the arrival on Mars of a mobile exploration unit, which is scheduled to begin roving the red planet and reporting back its findings at almost time. Follow the link above to the official mission website for the latest updates on the Mars Exploration Rover Mission.

Dec 1, 2003 - Jan 11, 2004

In honor of our site being mentioned in issue #344 of SciFi Weekly's interview with Robert Reed, we turn the tables and select this wonderful on-line news magazine as our latest "Site of the Week". Chock full of news, reviews and updates about genre tv shows, movies, books, comics and anything else close to the real fan's heart, Science Fiction Weekly is a treasure trove.

Oct 26 - Nov 30, 2003

Tired of the same old fansites or discussion forums, where today's TV series are worshiped like golden idols by adoring fans and critics? Then TelevisionWithoutPity is the TV site for you. Broken down into sections dedicated to a couple dozen current series, you can read bitterly sarcastic recaps of recent episodes, see discussion forums filled with people picking the shows apart, and revel with a group of folks whose goal is to show how much they love television by berating it for its many inadequacies. Witty and acerbic, this is a fun show if you can stand to see sacred cows skewered, but if you're an unquestioning, mindless fan-drone, you won't survive for very long. Give it a try!

July 29 - Oct 25, 2003

Technical difficulties prevented the selection of a new Link of the Week from August until late October

As NASA celebrates its 45th anniversary this month, we select the popular NASA WATCH website as our latest "Link of the Week". It is a treasure-trove of useful and timely news about space exploration and the goings on at the U.S. space agency. No matter what you may think about the recent successes and failures of NASA, this site will keep you up-to-date with news and opinions about our future in space.

July 9 - 22, 2003

The Internet Speculative Fiction Database (ISFDB) is one of the most useful databases of author, novel and story information to be found on-line. Though they recently exceeded their bandwidth at a previous ISP, they've now found a home at Texas A&M University, where they're back up and running at 100%. Check them out, especially if you're doing research about obscure SF authors.

June 2 - July 8, 2003

Is there a classic or contemporary tv series which you'd just love to see out on DVD? Then visit and cast your vote in favor of that show being released in that format. This user-friendly site is intended to serve as an ongoing barometer of the viewing public's interests in this increasingly popular entertainment format. In addition to keeping track of voters' preference for what shows they want to see released (as single episodes, "best of" collections, or entire "boxed season sets"), this site also tracks what shows actually have been released, and how you can go about acquiring them. There are also critical reviews of new releases, discussing special features and "extras". Go ahead...cast your vote for Man From Atlantis or "V". We dare ya!

May 1 - June 1, 2003

The Futon Critic website is one of the absolute best sites for news, reviews and critical commentary about television series -- both genre and non-genre. If you're a nut for statistics, the info about ratings can't be beat. And if you want to track production news on new shows or pilots, The Futon Critic should be your first stop while surfing the net.

April 17 - April 30, 2003

  Ifilm is a site dedicated to showcasing the works of (you guessed it) Independent film producers. This includes everything from home-made music videos to parodies of existing movies or TV programs. Try entering "Star Wars" in the search field for a start.

March 18 - April 16, 2003

This site has episode ratings of current and classic genre show provided from fans around the world. It also has other episode information (synopsis, cast lists) as well as a TV schedule generator which can list when shows are airing in 12 different countries.

February 24 - March 17, 2003

This site features galleries by professional and amateur artists working in the science fiction, fantasy, and anime genres. The administrators try to maintain a high level of quality by putting all the pieces posted through an approval process. The site also has forums and other features of specific interest to artists, and there are plans for a print magazine.

February 11-23, 2003 provides readers and book collectors with a fun opportunity to share their used books with other potential readers around the country ­ and to track where the books go to and who reads them next!

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