October 2004

The members of Star Base Andromeda join fans everywhere in mourning the loss of Christopher Reeve

Christopher Reeve

September 25, 1952 -- October 10, 2004

Yahoonews obit [AP]

CNN.com obit [AP]

Ain't It Cool News obit

Internet Movie Database entry

The Christopher Reeve Foundation

March 2003


Please help in the effort to save one of the best science fiction series to have aired in the past 20 years. Visit savefarscape.com for the full details about the on-going campaign to try to revive this fan-favorite series, cancelled by the Sci Fi Channel at the end of its fourth season.


February 2003


  Shuttle Columbia Disaster - 2/1/2003

All of us in Star Base Andromeda join the supporters of peaceful space exploration in mourning the loss of Space Shuttle Columbia and her valiant crew on the morning of February 1st, 2003.

As we contemplate the impact this disaster will have on the course of manned space flight in our lifetimes, we will add the names of these seven astronauts to the honor roll of those who gave their lives in the pursuit of enriching humankind.


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