For several years, Star Base Andromeda's annual Club Picnics were held in the fall, at Roper Park (a.k.a. Interstate Park in north Lincoln), beginning at shelter #2. The park is located just west of Interstate 180, between Cornhusker Highway and Superior St., and can be reached off of 1st street, coming from either Cornhusker or Superior and turning East on Fairfield St.

The picnics are open to all science fiction fans from the Lincoln vicinity, including those who are members of other regional clubs. In addition to cooking out, we have a frisbee golf competition on the park's 27-hole frisbee golf course.

Attendees bring their own grillables and drinks, as well as something to share with others. Paper plates, cups, napkins, plastic tableware, as well as chips and other munchables will be provided by SBA. The club also provides a ice-chest to store everyone's drinks in while we're "golfing". Anyone who can bring a spare frisbee is encouraged to do so.

In more recent years (2008 and 2010), Club Potluck Picnics have been held at the home of SBA member Brian and his wife Susan, and participants have engaged in a neighborhood round of Disc Golf.

Below are some photos from past Frisbee Golf picnics -- the closest thing Star Base Andromeda currently has to an "annual" group photograph!

1988 May 29

Pioneers Park Picnic [not Frisbee Golf] -- Front Row (Lto R): Diane Taurins, ???, Duane Bouchard; Back Row (L to R): Mike Ponte, Frank Dreier, Agris Taurins, Scott Clark, Becky Wurm Clark

1996 August 25

Standing (Lto R): Bryce Pfeiffer, Terri Muggy, Rod Vasek, Joe Loder, Kevin Ponte, Frank Dreier, Becky Wurm Clark, Mike Ponte; Sitting/Crouching (L to R): Mike Murphy, Scott Clark

1997 August 3

(L to R): Becky Wurm Clark, Scott Clark, Agris Taurins, Frank Dreier, Diane Taurins (holding Connor), Hunter Taurins, Mike Murphy, Joe Loder, Terri Muggy, Rod Vasek, Mark Murphy, Melissa Sailors, Mike Ponte, Kevin Ponte
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1998 August 30

(L to R): Karen Pfeiffer (holding Bea), Bryce Pfeiffer with daughters Lizzy and Geordan, Rod Vasek, Mike Ponte, Frank Dreier, Diane Taurins (holding Connor), Hunter Taurins, Scott Clark, Melissa Sailors

1999 September 5

(L to R): Rod Vasek, Scott Clark, Becky Wurm Clark, Agris Taurins with Connor Taurins, Diane Taurins, Hunter Taurins, Mike Ponte

No club picnics were held in 2000 or 2001

2002 August 4

(L to R): Rod Vasek, Becky Wurm Clark, Scott Clark, Connor Taurins, Diane Taurins, Hunter Taurins, Agris Taurins, Terri Dreier (holding Alicia), Frank Dreier, Brian Hirt

No club picnic was held in 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007 or 2009; no photo was taken at the 2004 picnic

2010 August 9


(L to R): (front row) Albert Lucio, Brian Hirt, Alicia Dreier, Terri Dreier (holding son), Hunter Taurins, Connor Taurins, Beatrice Pfeiffer; (back row) Amy Miller, Diane Taurins, Susan Hirt, Dave Teche, Scott Clark (seated), Frank Dreier, Karen Pfeiffer and Bryce Pfeiffer

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Following these links for information about the Nebraska Disc Golf organization, or about the Max E. Roper course Star Base Andromeda has used in several years for our golf picnics.

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