As this site continues to grow and improve, we hope to add more detailed pages for both of our Andromeda conventions, including photos from each event. One interesting note -- we held a Writing Contest in association with Andromeda One, for both Adult and Student writers. The top five Student writers' works were gathered into a "fanzine", and all of these writers were given free one-day passes to the convention, in order to allow them to attend a ceremony for the announcement of the overall winner. The winner? A young Brandon Sanderson, at that time a high school student, but later to become a best-selling fantasy writer -- author of the Mistborn series, Elantris and the author chosen to finish Robert Jordan's final, uncompleted volume in his Wheel of Time series. Can we pick 'em or what? Read Brandon's recollections of the event in his blog (and read the winning story, now posted on his website).

 Andromeda One program book cover, by Bill Hodgson

 April 22-24, 1994

Guests of Honor

  • Katherine Kurtz (Author GofH)
  • W.J. "Bill" Hodgson (Artist GofH)
  • Tom Prusa (Gaming GofH)
  • Fredd Gorham (Comics GofH)
  • Scott Stewart (Fan GofH) Here or Here
  • Robert Reed (Author Guest)
  • Tom Frye (Author Guest)
  • David Landis (Art Auctioneer/State Senator)
  • Bill Hayes (Comics Guest)
  • Robert Hillestad (Costume/Design Guest)
  • Brian Schur (Comics Guest)

Con Staff

  • Duane Bouchard (Gaming Co-Coordinator)
  • Scott Clark (Andromeda One Co-Chair; Dealers Room Coordinator; Fanzine Reading Room Coordinator; Murder Mystery writer/producer; Publicity Coordinator)
  • Michael Cornelius (Program Book Editor)
  • Dave Duncan (Computer Room Coordinator; Writing Contest Coordinator)
  • Scott Nemeth (Gaming Co-Coordinator)
  • Mike Ponte (Video Coordinator)
  • Agris Taurins (Andromeda One Co-Chair; Art Show Coordinator; Guest Liaison; Hotel Liaison; Programming Coordinator; Registration Coordinator)
  • Diane Taurins (Con Suite Co-Coordinator; Masquerade Coordinator)
  • Roderick Vasek (Gophering Coordinator)
  • Becky Wurm Clark (Con Suite Coordinator; Murder Mystery Assistant; Publicity Assistant)


Co-Chair Scott Clark at Andromeda One Registration Desk


Andromeda One Art Show

(sorry about the poor lighting)


Andromeda One Dealers Room


Agris Taurins (Co-Chair) and Diane Taurins (Con Suite & Masquerade) relax in the Andromeda One Con Suite with attendee Theron Waldman (l).


Tim Suer tends the Andromeda One con suite bar


Joe Elliot tends the Andromeda One con suite bar


Scott Clark in classic Trek Klingon make-up for the Andromeda One Murder Mystery - "The Murder of Dr. Van Orten"


Scott Nemeth - Andromeda One Gaming Co-Coordinator


Mike Murphy - SBA alumni & Andromeda One attendee


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