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 Andromeda Two program book cover by J.R. Daniels

 March 10-12, 1995

Guests of Honor

  • Robert J. Sawyer (Author GofH)
  • Robert "J.R." Daniels (Artist GofH)
  • Karl Rasmussen (Fan GofH)
  • Sandy Veneziano (Media GofH)
  • Fredd Gorham (Comics Guest)
  • Robert Reed (Author Guest)
  • The Lincoln Fantasy & Science Fiction Club

Con Staff

  • Linda Andrews (Gaming Co-Coordinator)
  • Duane Bouchard (Publicity Assistance)
  • Scott Clark (Andromeda Two Co-Chair; Dealers Room Coordinator; Fanzine Reading Room Coordinator; Murder Mystery writer/producer; Program Book Editor; Publicity Coordinator; Writing Contest Coordinator)
  • Frank Dreier (Official A2 Videographer)
  • Fredd Gorham (Gaming Assistant)
  • Dawn Harpster (Gaming Co-Coordinator)
  • Scott Nemeth (Publicity Assistance)
  • Sandy& Pierre Pettinger (Masquerade Coordinators)
  • Mike Ponte (Video Coordinator)
  • Agris Taurins (Andromeda Two Co-Chair; Art Show Coordinator; Guest Liaison; Hotel Liaison; Programming Coordinator; Registration Coordinator)
  • Diane Taurins (Con Suite Co-Coordinator; Masquerade Coordinator)
  • Roderick Vasek (Gophering Coordinator)
  • Becky Wurm Clark (Con Suite Co-Coordinator; Murder Mystery Assistant; Publicity Assistant)


Mike Ponte at Registration Desk


Co-chairs Scott Clark and Agris Taurins at Registration Desk


Andromeda Two art show


SBA club member Roderick Vasek (l) with Writer GoH Rob Saywer and his wife Carolyn Clink


The Reverend Michael Burgess, former SBA member and Andromeda Two art auctioneer

 Andromeda Two Murder Mystery -- A Diplomatic Demise

Becky Wurm Clark as Trill Ambassador Jozz Roderick Vasek as Andorian Ambassador Thrad Michael Cornelius as Vulcan Ambassador Suvek Mike Ponte as Captain Cartwright Karl Rasmussen as Klingon Ambassador Karg

The Cast of A Diplomatic Demise

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